Fisher Spacepen Mine SPR1, SPR2, SPR4

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Fisher Gasdruckmine für fast alle Fisher Schreiber

Type SPRxx

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Die original FISHER Space Pen Gasdruckmine schreibt, schreibt, schreibt, schreibt auf fast jedem Untergrund, egal ob Glas, Metall, Holz, Fettpapier usw.
Fisher Space Pen PRESSURIZED REFILLS Most ALL Fisher Space Pens use our PR Refill. SPR and PR Refills are the same refill, the only difference is the packaging. The S means that the refill comes in a Blister Card, the cardboard backed, clear plastic holder like most things are in when you purchase them in a retail store. The following image is enlarged to show detail. The PR refill is the fat one in the middle. The SU refill is the skinny one on the top and bottom. When it arrives it will be long like the top image shows. It is made this way to fit several different pen barrels. If you need it to be shorter, just flex it back and forth at the break point and it will separate, leaving you the correct length refill. The PR and SU refills are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!

Please note: the SU refills contain a much smaller amount of ink, they write about 1200 feet depending on your writing style, as compared to our regular PR Refill which should write more than 12,000 feet depending on style and surface.

ALL PR refills come with a plastic adapter which allows them to be used in Parker Style Pens! POINT SIZES - Fine contains a .9mm Ball - Medium contains a 1.1mm Ball - Bold contains a 1.3mm Ball

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